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Impact, Educate and Empower For a Sustainable Future 

Ethicali Rebodied

ETHICALI   Rebodied 

We are dedicated to redesigning fashion.

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ETHICALI Rebodied is an innovative upcycling company committed to changing the course of sustainable fashion by making people a part of the solution. Our vision is to create a world where the dumping of clothes in low-income countries is eradicated at the end of the fashion value chain by promoting circularity through upcycling.


We seek to achieve this by teaching upcycling skills to minority individuals around the world as well as providing our students with different platforms to market and sell their designs for profit in order to empower systematically disadvantaged groups. 


ETHICALI Rebodied is committed to a holistic impact in which we are not only educating and empowering communities through upcycling and entrepreneurial skills but by actively reducing textile waste generated by the fashion industry.


reduce textile waste production


sustainable upcycling and entrepreneurial practices 


community participation in sustainable practices 

Fashion Designer

Why Enroll in 
Our Program?


courses promote and encourage sustainable practices 


access to a network that you can sell you upcycled items to people interested in sustainable fashion

New Skills

learn valuable, impactful  upcycling and  entrepreneurship skills. 

Cost Effective 

save money on buying new clothes by renewing the items that you already have!

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Get updated about all things ETHICALI Rebodied; everything from courses to sales. 

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